motherhood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you would have. it’s about understanding that he is exactly the person he is supposed to be.

and that, if you’re lucky, he just might be the teacher who turns you into the person you are supposed to be.
— Joan Ryan

gratitude can change your life. i’m very grateful for these lovely words.

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We’ve tried before to improve our son’s sleeping and it’s been such a failure that for months we’ve been just dealing with 3-5 wakings a night. Especially with his reliance on nursing to sleep, it all just seemed too hard to tackle. But speaking to you gave us the confidence to commit to a plan and we’ve been really amazed by how well it’s been working.

It was particularly helpful going through each of our concerns - such as the impact on his nutrition - so that we felt comfortable we were doing the right thing, which makes it easier to keep going whenever you feel guilty. You were clearly very experienced, empathetic, and easy to talk to. The detailed notes were also really helpful, particularly with making sure my husband and I were on the same page with the plan. We’re so glad we spoke to you!

- JE, June 2019

I came to Caroline when my little girl was 14 months and I was at my wits end from her not sleeping. Sleep deprivation really is a form of torture, and I was so exhausted that it was starting to impact every aspect of my life. Caroline’s approach to sleep training is not prescriptive, but tailored and takes into account your needs, desires and parenting philosophy. She listens carefully to your issues and then together you craft a plan that feels appropriate to your situation. She is very intuitive with babies (and parents!) and clearly very experienced, having gone through almost every sleep problem herself with her 4 children. We implemented a plan for my daughter’s sleep problems, and Caroline was supportive through each step of the process being in daily contact and providing useful guidance. Aside from the practical elements of the plan, she also provided coaching support to me as we went through the process. This is an important element, and I believe what differentiates her from many other sleep trainers. She anticipated the thoughts, feelings and emotions that I might experience, and empowered me throughout the process in a loving and conscious way. I am happy to report that the result was successful and my little girl now sleeps through 11-12 hours per night. I can’t thank Caroline enough and would highly recommend her services.

— nb, june 2019

for me it was an opportunity to learn some new things - eg the brain development, be reminded of some things I know but forget - especially what happens when SNS is activated rather than the PNS. And also those workshops tend to offer a “woman’s circle” atmosphere, where everyone is a little more open about how hard parenting is. Caroline facilitated an open exchange and those little pockets of us all being in the same boat are precious.

caroline is someone I’d definitely approach should we get into specific difficulties with our boys.

— gg, june 2019

Thank you for last night. I loved it and I was definitely a calmer and more ‘in the moment’ Mum this morning! 

Very impressed xx 

— jk, march 2019

Brilliant, thank you so, so much. You were great, I enjoyed it so much. Could have sat for hours and chatted! 

- at, march 2019

Caroline was brilliant at helping me recognise my objectives and what’s important to me work wise and helping me figure out what steps to take to achieve my ultimate goal. She patiently outlined framework that really helped and made my next steps much clearer.

- jf, June 2019